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Meet the model | Celine Bethmann

What does good fortune mean to you?
To me, good fortune is nothing you can buy, but rather having health and happiness. Good fortune is spending time with my family and friends, doing things I love and enjoying being healthy! I think if you focus on these few things, you will find yourself feeling like the luckiest person.

How do you make time to stop and reconnect with yourself and those you love?
I always make sure to spend time with me family and friends. Nurturing these relationships is important to me, so I always make time for the ones I love. I also make sure I turn off my phone every once in a while which allows me to disconnect, un-wind, re-centre and remember what’s really important.

What do you love about Australia?
Actually, it’s me first time in Australia and I fell in love with the weather and the people! Everyone is so positive, friendly and laid-back. I also love how healthy and fresh the food is here – acai bowls, avocado toast are all my faves! I have to come back soon!

How do you practice self-love?
I think self love is really important but we all forget it sometimes. As a model it can be hard as you see so many beautiful girls and start to compare yourself. But that’s the worst thing you can do! I love the exercise of grabbing a pen and paper and writing down everything you like about yourself – it helps to remind yourself of how special you are.